Our Campus

The Samiti owns two magnificent buildings. The first of these was constructed in the heart of the city of Allahabad in South Malaka in the year 1936. Construction of the second edifice was completed in the year 1955 in the local Alfred Park, at a cost of Rupees ten lacks.

The Auditorium

The new building in the Alfred Park has a grandeur of its own. Impressive improvements have been made in the hall and adjoining foyers mainly due to the contributions of Sri G.L. Mehta, a patron of Music and Art and an eminent industrialist of Kolkata (India). The Management of the Samiti has expressed its gratitude to Sri Mehta for his generosity by naming the Auditorium as 'Mehta Auditorium'. Recently the upper lobby has been equipped with air conditioners. The Auditorium has a seating capacity of 2500 spectators along with a 55x30 feet stage. Besides convocations, Music Competitions and Conferences of the Samiti, several important functions of the city are held in the Auditorium.

The Muktangan

Vision has far fetched wings. The Samiti has constructed a beautiful Muktangan, a cultural dream land with its grassy terraces, flower beds, and innumerable water fountains in varied hues in the premises of Alfred Park Building, with a seating capacity of 2500 spectators. The 'Muktangan' consists of a moon shaped vast open stage, synchronizing with the crescent moon, having cubistic cultural designs on the front outer walls of the pulpit and the black wall carved with stony uniform patterns, not providing graven images, but symbols of artistry. The Open Air Theatre also has anti-chambers and greenroom. The platform is also fitted with lights, brilliant and mellow and small fountains play ground them, casting a spell of peace and a deep sense of calm. The 'Muktangan' occupying nearly half an acre of land, neatly turf as a soft green carpet, colonnade in several expansive galleries, with flower beds on all sides and having small bridges over the watery tunnels, is not only a beauty spot where greenness of the earth merges into the infinite ethereal blue canopy of the starlight night sky but also a sanctified place where people forget their worries and the mundane humdrum living. The low railing bridges as if bridge the gulf between the ancient and the modern. The foreigners proclaim the "Muktangan" as the first of its kind in the East.

The Mini Auditorium

The Samiti also owns a mini auditorium in the building at Alfred park with a seating capacity of 200 spectators.

Prayag Sangit Samiti, South Malaka

The Samiti had first constructed a cultural oasis at south Malaka, Allahabad, with a seating capacity of 500 spectators.